Psychedelic Sounds with Boe Huntress

Psychedelic Sounds with Boe Huntress

Saturday 22 April, 2017

7:00 PM - 11:00 PM

Price: £5

Psychedelic Sounds: an ethereal mix of psychedelically-inclined musicians, storytellers and poets.

The first act is otherworldly singer/songwriter Boe Huntress ( Her latest album Kiss The Witch was inspired by dreams of “chaos; irrationality; the kind of wisdom that knows nothing and everything at the same time; the beauty of emotions, vulnerability, simplicity and madness”. Check out Green Dragon, one of the album’s highlights, at

The second act is ‘storyteller, beatweaver, writer and vocalist’ AppleCat (Mya Hardman). Vancouver-based Mya is in town for Love Without Fear [London, UK] – Sex, Partnership + the Village.

The Old Church bar is cash only.

Door open at 7pm. First performance at 8pm.