Elemental Sound Meditation

Elemental Sound Meditation

Sunday 14 August, 2016

7:30 PM - 7:30 PM

Price: £15

Embrace yourself in sound, bathe in the richness of the gong, get in touch with the elements, balance the masculine and the feminine, and enter the still point within.

Join us for a sonic exploration into the elements. Sound artists Maxwell Reynish (Rituals of Rhythm) and Katy Dron (Cosimia Sounds) will be weaving sounds designed to induce deep meditative states. Our theme for the night is the Elements, allowing you to experience an acoustic panoramic soundscape through Air, Water, Earth and Fire.

We will begin with acknowledging each element, using gentle breathwork to bring our focus into symmetry, moving into a short guided meditation to lead you deep into the sounds.

We look forward to welcoming you to a beautiful evening of peace and appreciation in the magical acoustics of The Old Church.

Please aim to arrive at 7.15pm so we may begin at 7.30. Spaces are limited, so please book in advance if possible to secure your spot.

Feel free to bring yoga mats and blankets, whatever you need to make yourself comfortable lying down. We highly recommend eye masks / scarfs if you wish to have a more immerse experience. If you don’t have these things with you on the day, we will have some spares.

Tickets £15