Saturday 16 April, 2016

7:00 PM - 10:00 PM

Price: £5

“Dronica” is a new platform for live acts. It aims to deeply investigate the experimental scene in London and outskirt.
Its proposal is to repeat the shows periodically and eventually to create a well known event.

Line up:

(Decomposition live 16 MM)

Merkaba Macabre is a audio visual project by Steven McInerney, a multidisciplinary artist and curator based in London. He is the founder of the experimental label Psyché Tropes, which focuses largely on the synaesthetic intersections between sound and its visual counterpart.

Decomposition #2 is a 15 minute camera-less film for one 16mm projector with optical sound and live modular soundtrack. The colour negative stock used in this film has undergone a series of organic and chemical decomposing techniques. A colour print is made of the results and while projected the sound output signal of the disrupted emulsion is sent into the preamp of a modular synthesiser converting the film print into controlled voltage. The contours, shapes and colour of the decomposed film is translated live into sound synthesis in which the parameters are played live. Each live show is a new incarnation where the film print goes through the same decomposing process and reprinted so no show is ever the same.

The following link is an excerpt from the last ‘Decomposition’ performance.

(drone- distortions-screams)

Plague is the brainchild of guitarist Cristian Ruggeri. As he likes to describe it: “Plague, combines pandemic rotten guitars and screams of umborns from the viscera. It sounds like a prayer of the last man on earth”.
His heavy drones and abrasive distortions will be emphasised by a 15minutes of visuals edited by Polish video maker/artist, Maya Art.

Below a short preview of his show:

(ambient-noise-experimental electronics-drone)

The soniferous engine of Charlie Wheatley and James Shearman – agents at the epicentre of the machines expiration, welding drone-noise improvisations with electro-acoustic abstractions.

Here you can listen to them:

D503 featuring visual artist Andrea Von Paduano

Duo based in North London, which aims to explore drones, techno, and industrial by using primitive and minimal sounds.
Perfect soundtrack for an imaginary place where machines replace human beings.
Heavy manipulated guitars, robotic beats and raw oscillations will be followed by the obscure visuals created by Andrea Von Paduano.

Here’s the video of “Space time”, a track from their Ep, D503.
Video edited by Andrea Von Paduano.

Also here’s the entire Ep:

(harsh noise ≈ circuit bending ≈ rough music)

Multi-Functional Noise Enterprise Program Cementimental supplies the total 2 track/truck of the tornado condition which is separated. Harsh noise ≈ circuit bending ≈ rough music, since 2000AD. Some characteristics of a complete beachcomber are a assertive shape, a assertive amplitude, and a assertive frequency. A baloney pedal will alter some or all of these characteristics by cyberbanking abetment to accomplish the adapted adulterated tone.

Cementimental is the creature of guru noise, Tim Drage.

Here his works:

Doors open at 7pm.
There will be a cash only bar at this event