Breathing Space - dates throughout the festival

Breathing Space - dates throughout the festival

Saturday 5 March, 2016 - Sunday 20 March, 2016

12:00 PM - 1:00 PM

Price: Free

Breathing Space is a chance to experience VOX in silence, for reflection, meditation or just a break from a busy day.

You are invited to visit The Old Church to conduct self guided reflection during the open sessions.

On other days, Breathing Space will be led by specialist practitioners, please find further details below.

Chairs will be provided for all participants but if you prefer to use a cushion or mat then feel free to bring your own.

Breathing Space

TuesdaySunday, 12noon – 1pm.

Dates of Breathing Space and practitioner details:

Friday 26th FebruaryElaine Westwick – Qigong practitioner.
Saturday 27th February: Open session
Sunday 28th February: Open session

Tuesday 01st March: Open session
Wednesday 2nd March: Tony Doubleday – Zen Buddhist.
Thursday 3rd March: Liz Watson – Christian Meditation Practitioner.
Friday 4th March: Jo Manuel – Special yoga practitioner.
Saturday 5th March: Open session
Sunday 6th March: Candoco Dance Company

Tuesday 8th March: Saul Deason, meditation practitioner
Wednesday 9th March: Liz Watson – Christian Meditation Practitioner.
Thursday 10th March: Closed
Friday 11th MarchMarianne Simonin – Tantric  based Yoga practitioner.
Saturday 12th: Open session
Sunday 13th March: Linda Hall – Mindfulness practitioner.

Tuesday 15th March: Lucy Barnes – Christian Meditation with Yoga.
Wednesday 16th March: Tony Doubleday – Soto Zen Buddhist priest.
Thursday 17th MarchMarianne Simonin – Hindu based Yoga practitioner.
Friday 18th MarchLinda Hall – Mindfulness practitioner.
Saturday 19th March: Open session (during KITE by Ansuman Biswas)
Sunday 20th March: Open session.